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There are many guitars to suit different players. Each player has his own preferences. For those who are beginners, those who learn how to play guitar and for those who are searching for additional information i'd like to share my own preferences and explain them. I have been playing six string electric guitar since several years. My playing style is generally classic rock, hard rock and old school heavy metal. Guitars I have experienced are mainly Fender, ESP, Jackson, Ibanez, Martin, Hohner and Yamaha. I have also experience of buying a guitar abroad. Again I would like to say that this will be my personal preferences, because each player will have its own. There is a good quote of possibly my favorite guitarist Michael Schenker, who said: »I think its really important, once you have learned the technique, that you stop copying other people. If you don't do that, you're not first class, you're like second, you are just a copy of who is best«. This would also go for guitar preferences, but it doesn't mean signature series guitars are bad. Actually my favorite guitar (ESP DV8-R) is a signature series guitar, but I bought it on the basis of the preferences and characteristics that I liked in it. Also good reviews contributed in buying this guitar. I will explain the preferences now in detail in the following links on top and bottom of the page.

The next picture describes some guitar preferences.

guitar preferences

We can look at a guitar as how good it is to use a guitar(performance) and how a guitar is made (design). Most important things by using a guitar are what sound we get from it and how easy it is to get that sound (playability). The quality and construction of the guitar is also related to the sound and playability. Better the guitar is made, the better sound and playability we will probably get. Ofcourse the difference can be really small, but sometimes big. A very bad quality and constructed guitar wont be good to play at all.

Update! Michael Schenker, probably the most underrated guitarist of all times gives a interview about guitar playing at his best ages! Not only a pro, but also a true virtuoso.

We will soon add more guitar stuff on this page. For additional resources check this guitar review archive.

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